Eakle Photography by Kurt Eakle

  • Fringed Blue Gentians
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Looking AND Seeing

We live in a world saturated with images – and it’s only getting worse.  Facebook, Flicker, Instagram  . . . everyone is giving us more to see at every turn.  So what turns a photograph into a work of art?  A picture that we want to decorate our living space with, that we want to look at over and over again.  There are many elements: color / composition / subject / setting.  A lot of it depends on not just looking at the world when you venture out, but in seeing the possibilities as you frame a picture in your lens.  This is what I try to do as I set out with a camera in hand.


Kurt has always loved photography. One day, the opportunity to switch from "beloved hobby" to "no, this isn't really work" presented itself. Kurt took it!

There's no turning back now, with his own large-format photo printer, multiple cameras, and enough hard drive storage to hold all his work, Kurt is doing something he loves.  And who knew that cameras were really exercise equipment?