When I started showing my photographs in galleries for sale, people would constantly come up and ask “Where is this? Where is that?”  The crazy thing to me was that almost all of the photos were of local sites less than a half hour from where we were standing.  The area has lots of hidden spots that make for great hiking with a camera.  For those that want to explore, I give tours of the sites and will coach people on taking photos as we hike.   The tours can range from an easy walk to an involved hike crossing back and forth across a local creek to find a hidden waterfall.

Whether you’ve never been to the Baraboo Hills, or you grew up around here, I invite you to join me on a hike with your camera.

My printer can also print on plastic backed material or vinyl scrim for a long lasting outdoor sign.  I’ve done banners as long as 20 ft for a statement that makes an impact.   If you’re a small business, I can make single prints quickly and at a reasonable price.

With the help of local artists, I’ve learned the tricks of photographing art – paintings, jewelry, sculptures – and making reproduction prints for the artists.  I have my own large format printer that uses archival pigment inks to produce prints on everything from photo papers to fine art watercolor papers to canvas.  The photography is done with color calibration standards to ensure accuracy.

If you’re an artist and need high quality photos for your website, reproduction prints for art fair sales or just a high quality catalog of your work, I can help you. 

If you’re an occasional photographer who got a great shot, I can make a large print that you’ll be happy to put your name on.

References available on request.